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Epson TW 8300 Projector

Epson EH-TW8300 is a newly launched flagship home cinema projector that supports 4K resolution, 3D videos. Although the brightness is claimed the same as the previous model, the brightness of the new model is measured based on the new ISO standard. Therefore, the actual 2D and 3D brightness of EH-TW8300 is 5% higher than the old model. Thanks for the improved auto-iris technology; the contrast ratio of EH-TW8300 is further enhanced to 10,00,000:1. Furthermore, the super-resolution technology and frame interpolation are available in both 2D and 3D mode for the first time. Together with the enhanced “Cinema mode” and split screen function; EH-TW8300 provides you with a superior 3D theatre experience.

Stunning 4K images
Now display stunning, crisp 4K images though the HDCP 2.2 compliant HDMI port.

2,500 Lumens Color Light Output (CLO)
Enjoy clear, beautiful color images with ample brightness. Epson’s Twin Optimize Reflection Lamp (E-TORL) and LCD panel technology are what make this level of brightness possible. The CLO of EH-TW8200 is consistent with the white light output. Therefore, it can deliver vivid and true-to-life color for your favorite contents.

Bright 3D Drive
Using a 0.74” D9 C
2Fine 3LCD panel , EH-TW8300 continues to support the 480Hz bright 3D drive. Epson’s bright 480Hz drive technology enhances the 3D brightness by minimizing the blackout time of 3D glasses. In addition, The RF Full HD 3D GlassesTM can be connected smoothly via Bluetooth without any transmission interference from obstacles in the room, as can other 3D glasses compliant with the “Full HD 3D Glasses” format.

Enhanced Auto-Iris System
To further enhance the contrast ratio of the projected images. EH-TW8300 adopted a new auto-iris system. The contrast ratio of EH-TW8300 is thus increased to 10,00,000:1, which allows for deeper blacks and more translucent whites. The enhanced clarity and depth produced helps bring out the true brilliance of full HD images.

Enhanced “Cinema Mode”
To improve the default “Cinema Mode” of EH-TW8300, Epson has made some setting adjustment based on the color matching functions/CIE1978 and thus the images under the “Cinema Mode” are now closer to the conventional CRT 6500K. The improved “Cinema Mode” changed the color depth slightly and thus the face color becomes less reddish and the details under dark scene become more apparent.

Super-Resolution and Frame Interpolation (2D/3D)
Similar to EH-TW8200, EH-TW8300 has equipped the Super-resolution technology and Frame Interpolation technology. These functions are now available in both 2D and 3D mode. Super-resolution technology improves the resolution of images that become blurry in the enlargement process; while Frame Interpolation technology enhances the smoothest and sharpness of moving pictures by inserting new frames between original ones.

Full HD RF 3D Glasses 
The RF Full HD 3D Glasses
TM can be connected smoothly via Bluetooth without any transmission interference from obstacles in the room, as can other 3D glasses compliant with the “Full HD 3D Glasses” Format.


True Placement Flexibility
EH-TW8300 equipped a high quality Fujinon lens with 2.1 optical zoom. The optical shift function minimizes image quality deterioration. You get a short focal length from as close as 298cm for a 100-inch screen with a broad vertical shift range of 96% and 47% horizontally. In addition, an air intake and exhaust system at the front eliminates the need to keep extra space to the sides and back. Furthermore, a motorized lens shutter also works to limit dust accumulation on the lens.

Warranty Service
2 Years onsite warranty service for buying from an Authorized Epson Pro Cinema Partner.

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